Proud of Our Petaluma Boys. Playing a Game and Learning Valuable Lessons

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Petaluma National LL WEST Danny Marzo Walk Off Home RunPetaluma is swept up with Little League pride for our Petaluma National Little League West All Stars. The kids are showing incredible calm under pressure, while having the time of their lives.

On the field, they play as a team, while respecting their opponents- win or lose. In one game, after a difficult move to first base, I saw the first baseman congratulate his opponent for making it there by discreetly giving the runner a low five. Nice sportsmanship.

Off the field, trading of pins is rampant among all the teams and their fans. I hear the players are signing hats and shirts for their fans, playing ping pong with teams from all over the world, and hamming it up for the cameras from ESPN and major Networks. The players attend each other’s games, not only to scout the other teams, but to cheer them on. They seem to understand that this is an opportunity to learn lessons from a game.

Baseball is not just a kid’s game but they seem to get the true meaning of it better than some in Major League Baseball. I think this letter to the editor speaks volumes. It’s hard for me to believe that as part of their uniforms, a patch declaring “I WON’T CHEAT” was necessary for these twelve year olds in Little League. Sad actually. I’m pretty sure these kids get that concept already based on what I’ve seen and heard from the families that are in Williamsport, PA. The kids are playing ball, having fun, respecting each other, and gaining an understanding of how the world works on and off the field. The coaches are giving good advice and the kids are hearing it.

We’re proud of you and pulling for you from the West Coast, kids. Keep up the good sportsmanship, keep smiling and have fun. Go Petaluma National!!! Play Ball!

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