Petaluma Parade Posters, Past & Present

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Butter and Egg Days are upon us and Petaluma is getting ready for the Annual Butter & Egg Days Parade scheduled for April 28th at Noon.  Each year a commemorative Parade Poster is produced reflecting the theme of the parade for that year.  This year’s poster features the theme “River of Dreams, Then and Now.”

There’s something about these posters that makes them special and very collectible.  Are you missing a poster from a previous year?  Are you looking for a Petaluma branded item to adorn that bare wall?  Well you are in luck!  The Petaluma Downtown Association has found a stash of past years’ posters and is selling them for a $10 donation. 

Some of the available posters date back as far as 1998!  All proceeds will support the Butter & Egg Days Parade and are available at the Petaluma Visitor’s Center in the Historic Depot Station at 210 Lakeville Street.  Questions?  Contact the Petaluma Downtown Association or call (707)762-9348.

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